Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Infriggin' Credible

So, I'm over at Best Buy earlier this week, seeing if they have anything that catches my eye, something that chills my spine and freezes my heart.

After School Specials on DVD.

I tried to picture in my head exactly who they were marketing this to. I understand the nostalgia involved in rolling out a line of He-Man and ALF DVDs, and I even get why they've done stuff like Golden Girls, despite the fact that their primary audience is likely either dead or doesn't know how to operate a DVD player. Certainly pointless nostalgia hasn't reached so far back that we're hitting on pandering moralism and terrible acting as "vintage collections" for the 80s generation. Then it hit me:


Of course. Who else can watch ninety minutes of Jason Hervey struggling to come to some monumentous moral decision about peer pressure or smoking or something while Wilfred Brimley leers at him and tells him to shut up and eat his goddamn oatmeal. I don't smoke, and thus I could never understand the deeper lessons learned there on repeat viewings. It all makes some kind of strange cyclical sense now.

Summer is slow for games. NCAA '06 is fun, but a little disappointing, so I've found myself playing more online games than anything else, and I'm not really a big online gamer. The drought ends starting September though, and in the span of about three months there, there's at least ten or fifteen games that I want to pick up right now. Hopefully some of them will be crappy so I don't go broke.

Take care, I'll be back sooner than last time. Promise.


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