Thursday, April 21, 2005

You Can't Spell DVD Sales without Adam Sessler and Mooooorgan Webb!

Is it just me, or should the next wave in television be DVD On Demand?

Bear with me a moment please while I lay this out:

People LOVE buying TV Shows on DVD. Love it. I have ever season of Buffy and Angel ever on DVD. Now I hardly actually have to watch TV anymore, except when something I actually want to watch comes on. People also love Tivo, so that they can watch progams that they want to watch whenever they want, not whenever they come on. So what happens when you mesh the two ideas?

Not every show I ever want to watch will be released on DVD. I'm a big fan of G4TV's (formerly of G4TechTV and before that just Tech TV) X-Play, and while I wouldn't probably care about the reviews of some game from 2003, I'd love to have a handful of episodes of the show on DVD, for the fun of watching the show's lame/funny sketches or for fun on a lazy afternoon (oh, ok, for the lovely Miss Webb, too). The same goes for former TechTV program The Screen Savers. In fact, I can think of a million TV shows out there which will probably never see the light of DVD, that I'd loooove to see get put out just because I want to see them (I'd love, for example to have a DVD set of classic Letterman, or Conan, or Daily Show, which I realize is getting a limited release, but still).

I'm of the opinion that, if companies are going to save storehouses full of this material, they might as well digitize it and sell it to whoever wants it. Not for commercial use, mind, but just like any other TV show on DVD. Charge a nominal fee (say $19.99, the same as any other DVD movie) and let you pick and choose 8 gigs worth of material from a series of lists (Pick a Show, then Pick a Year, then an Episode). Then, some lackey or computer processing drone burns the DVD and ships it off. It makes customers happy because they get to see their favorite episode of something as many times as they want, and the companies make money off of crap that's just sitting in a warehouse collecting dust right now.

I understand there's tons of legal issues involved, and that the process would need to be streamlined as all hell to make sure that the right things were getting burned and that the process was automated as possible to ensure that everybody got their stuff and quickly, but really, I think this could be a wave of the future, and it's something that I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see this.



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