Thursday, May 05, 2005

I Talk Everything But American Idol

I've kind of been mulling over what to write for a few days, but nothing's really struck a chord. I mean, what am I to say? So here is a collection of random thoughts to satiate you until next I write.

-What kind of world are we living in when Bruce Willis feels up Lindsay Lohan, and Katie Holmes breaks off her long engagement to Chris Klien to date Tom Cruise (who both HAPPEN to have movies coming out within the next few months, hmmm...)? I mean, good for them all if they're happy, I guess, but come on, guys. You should both be more mature than that. Especially Tom. Unless Katie Holmes has pledged to help him rid the world of the evil aliens and instal Tom as the King of Scientology. Then it's all good. I guess.

-I was about to complain about how I wish I had a girlfriend, and one that was younger than me, so that I could be cool too, but then I remembered that I'm 24, and that you get much younger than me, and it's even more creepy than the above couples.

-I saw Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy last week, and it was just about everything I hoped it'd be. Completely different from the books, but that's how it was supposed to be. That said, there was a lot removed that I loved when I read the books, and there was some stuff added that was unnecessary. The plot, for example, felt tacked on. But I won't spoil it for anybody. If you like Sci-fi or comedy, or British things, you owe it to yourself to take a look.

-Caveat Though: If you've read anything I've written, you'd probalby know that Adams was a huge influence on my writing, so I'm about as unabashed fanboy as one can get.

-Since I graduated from the UW (was that LAST YEAR?! Yikes), I've had trouble finding a good solid fulltime job, which really sucks. I don't particularily mind what I'm doing right now, but it's only part-time, and I wouldn't mind shedding it any time now. I recently applied for a production job in L.A. for G4TV (the video game channel, of which I watch several hours a week). I'd really love a chance to just interview for this job, feel like I'm moving forward. Send some positive energy my way, hopefully I'll have something to keep you posted on.

-I tried some new "Star Wars: Dark Chocolate" M&Ms. Not bad. The words that keep rolling around in my head are that they are "significantly the same" as regular M&Ms. I got Peanut, and I swear, they don't even taste all that much different. Maybe I'm losing my sense of taste or something? I'd try the regular, but the gas station was out. Maybe next week....

-One funny story that I do have from my job: Among my responsibilities is checking packages that are being sent on air shipments for possible hazards. One cannot package things like chemicals, explosives, freezable liquids, magnets, etc. on Fed Ex cargo planes. So I open a package the other day for inspection, and what do I find? A personal pleasure device. I swear, I sat there for about two minutes processing in my head how awkward the situation was. I can only imagine the reaction of the girl, when she gets her new toy and notices that some wanker has had at her box with a knife and then taped it shut again. I swear, we're going to get sued one of these days.

-After Star Wars and Batman, there really isn't anything coming out this Summer that I'm looking forward to seeing now. It makes me sad. There's some blockbuster movies coming out, but most of them are remakes and sequels, on which I'll have to wait until I start getting opinions from people I trust whether or not I should bother. I'd like to see Fantastic Four for example, but...eeeeh...I've got a feeling it won't be nearly as good as I think it would be.

-E3 is in a few weeks, and if there's any year I would have wanted to go, it would be this year. SONY and Microsoft debuting their respective new hardwares (360, by the way is a TERRIBLE name for a system), Nintendo may or may not, you never know with them. It's really too bad. I wish I could have gotten that G4 job weeks ago, so I could have gone for sure. Oh well. I guess I'll try to make it out there one of these years. WWE Judgement Day is that weekend too, and I've actually got tickets for that, so I guess it's not a total wash.

-Amazing Race is very, very good this season, but I need to watch the finale first to pass judgement on it as compared to others. Next week.

Have a good one, folks. Hocking out!



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